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Cloud Services

We provide cloud based services

Kami menyediakan layanan berbasis cloud

File Sharing

Anda membutuhkan ruang di internet untuk berbagi file atau sekedar untuk backup data, cukup hubungi kami.

Download File

Ada file yang ingin Anda download, apakah terlalu besar, atau terlalu banyak, kami menyediakan jasa download

Download Source Cost Per File Cost Per GB Keterangan
Torrent - Rp. 2.900 -
File Sharing Rp. 1.900 Rp. 3.300 -
Direct Download Rp. 1.100 Rp. 4.300 -
Individual File Rp. 2.300 Rp. 4.900 -


  • Torrent -> is a torrent file (.torrent) that leads to P2P download using a torrent client.
  • File Sharing -> is a link provided that leads to a file sharing sites that don't requires login to download (free download), although download speed is subject to be limited by file sharing provider. However if some other process required such as login process, we then charged it as Individual Files..
  • Direct Download -> is a link provided that leads to file itself, that will automatically download the files without further input.
  • Individual Files -> is a link provided that leads to certain process that needs to be done before downloads can be initiated, in other word, the download process must be handled manually one by one for each file.